"Money Grows On Trees not just a line a dream come true" When you think of a tree you think of everything that comes from it through the years of growing and maturing.
Everything…the whole process of planting a seed and reaping the harvest…its how I live my life and the reason behind the name of my clothing line. I planted a seed when I started my line in 2006 now I’m seeing my tree grow and reaping my harvest as well as watching as my hard work goes unnoticed. MGOT clothing is a lifestyle.A lifestyle I feel I symbolize being a hard worker watching a plan go through from start to finish,aware of myself but put those around me needs first and staying humble cause the day we have now is forever but tomorrow is never promised.
It seems like everyone has a clothing line now, and I love it. I’m not big headed about that, I’m a fan and a student of fashion it changes everyday and evolves in our culture. I try to give advice to anyone I can…my mentor always told me to be consistent…that how you measure your success and to stay patient long enough your tree will grow bigger and live longer. Money does grows on tree whats your dream

Monday, January 17, 2011


Entrepreneur Tanner Hall

1.What is your name and what do you do?

2.What is your everyday FLY?

3.What is it you like about the MGOT line?

4.What trend would you like to see come back from what era and why?

5.MGOT stands for "Money Grows On Trees" what is your money tree?

6.As always G
OT MGOT________________!!!!

(fill in the blank)

1.Tanner Hall owner of undergroundappeal.com,director,photographer

2. My everyday fly is basically jus
t what I feel on any given day. Most of the time I keep it simple because I think that's underrated. Just a plain tshirt, jeans, and a jacket and I'm straight. But at the same time I could switch it up at any point and rock something people wouldn't expect at all and make it look damn good.

3. I like the hustle behind MGOT. I'm constantly hearing the name and seeing events for them and always getting updates. Seems like you don't see that with a lot of clothing brands on the come up.

4. I'd like to see more people embrace individuality more. I don't see it as a trend or from a specific era, but just dressing to be themselves. Not trying to be different, not trying to fit in, just dressing however t
hey feel and being comfortable with it. Individuality is too underrated nowadays.

5. My money tree is www.undergroundappeal.com. Just working really hard to make that succeed and help others around me to succeed in their endeavors.

6. Got MGOT BITCH! hahaha

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